Lusterity is a one stop brand for socially conscious celebrations. From corporate and non-profit events to kids birthday parties we have got you covered. 

With Lusterity you can not only can you feel good about sharing time with those you treasure, you can also feel good knowing each product and service you select from Lusterity's curated products and vetted network truly matters

Lusterity is led by Sierra Rothberg

Lusterity was born after Sierra co-lead the 375th birthday celebration for her children’s public schoolMather Elementary school, the nation’s first!– proven party-lover of historic proportions. 

Lusterity was born to solve many frustrations as a host as well as being a creative: 

  • Sourcing the incredible local talent that often work out of their homes or are small brick and mortar shops- hidden gems are more word of mouth than anything and these businesses deserve to feel more of the love. It's difficult to navigate quality in services out there.
  • I love Etsy, but my time is limited; it is a massive undertaking to source multiple quality items that gel together.  How can you find coordinated things for events without going crazy?
  • How do I find products that I can love in how they look and function, but also support people I believe in.  How do I know it is from a reliable source? 
  • Being founded by small business owners, for more than a decade and working out of your home can be challenging. You can often be in your own bubble and keep your head down working on your business, your craft and often balancing another job and or family and miss the mark on design or direction.
  • It's not about the shark tank! All these small makers and creative services are just tiny fish in the sea. When these little fish group together they can survive longer and stronger against the sharks and larger businesses.

Sierra's was born to a long line of pioneers; she grew up building and creating amongst quilters, bakers, cooks, farmers, gardeners, travellers, community leaders, environmentalists, contractors and entrepreneurs, with a love of entertaining and gathering. She mastered the hard work of demolition/ construction and electrical with her father, learned the delicate balance of floral at a local florist and nuances of making a mean Caesar Salad in restaurants and Yacht Clubs all as a teenager on the North Shore of Boston.  

Sierra's skills are broad and she never settles for good enough; she is a creative problem solver at heart! She works hard to make your vision a reality within your budget. Over her career, she has been a wedding planner; specialty gift maker in glass, textile, leather and ceramic; commissioned for specialty memorial pieces; gala florist and designer; graphic designer for individuals and large organizations; wedding photographer; creative designer and stylist, event coordinator; provided temporary support to fill the need of organizations during a crunch period of an event, including database management;  worked in Development for a large university in Boston, and has been a community and classroom teacher for over a decade! She currently volunteers bountifully in Dorchester on exterior improvement projects, is on her local Main Street Board, co-leads her daughter's Girl Scout troop and never ever stops moving. 

An environmentalist to her very core, Sierra farms urban chickens, keeps bees, and grows succulents in her upcycled pallet garden. She is an artist, educator and community builder. She come from a long lineage of makers, gourmands and gardeners and who love to create enjoyable and beautiful experiences for others. She owns another business Goga, sewing and silk screening sustainably-sourced apparel, sold in specialty boutiques and at juried shows throughout the Midwest and New England. And she’s a community activist, launching festivals, flings, and galas that support the arts, education, earth, and other awesome stuff. With Lusterity, Sierra provides creative direction, oversees production, and cultivates our network of creative makers. Her warmth, work ethic, and steadfast pursuit of beauty are the core and culture of Lusterity.