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LAUNCHED IN MAY 2017,  we are a VOLUNTEER driven group working  with DONATED FABRIC to make a  DRAMATIC SHIFT in a city we love.  TOGETHER we can make CHANGES, INDIVIDUALLY we can make a DIFFERENCE, one less plastic bag at a time. We encourage you to join us - NO MATTER YOUR SKILL SET. If you work, play, live or just LOVE BOSTON we want you to JOIN US

What is a BOOMERANG BAg?

A Boomerang bag is a sustainably-made cloth bag you can borrow and bring back to a local store. 


The City of Boston voted to ban  single use plastic bags in December 2017!!!!! All of the hard work over the last few years by individuals right here in our group and community (especially our youngest activist) will make an everlasting environmental difference to the streets of Boston, our harbor, rivers, and streams, saving them from 219 MILLION BAGS that are used in Boston each year! Only a small percentage of plastic bags used every year are recycled. As our dependency on single use plastic bags wain, we want to make sure we support our low income neighbors as well as senior citizens in having access to reusable bags.  

Habits, practices and support need to change and that is why we have come together and launched the first BAG SHARE in Boston the Summer of 2017.

Fabric, resources, space, time and people-power are donated to create reusable cloth bags. These bags will be displayed at stores and people can borow or more and return it. We are a chapter of Australian-based Boomerang Bags. Thanks, Aussies!

Where you can find uS

January 20-21, 2018 Sew-_A-Thon

Sat. July 22: We are at the Neponset River Festival at Granite Avenue in Dorchester

Friday, July 21: We are tabling at Ashmont Farmer's Market at Ashmont Station in Dorchester


The Big Picture  

Plastic bags are polluting our city, our waterways and our world!


By making a thousand cloth bags for a store, we are offering an alternative to plastic for folks on-the-go. When you forget to bring your bag to the store, take a Boomerang and return it the next time. Like Hubway offers bikes for sharing; Boomerang offers our community an alternative to single-use plastic bags.


There are many ways to help and you don’t need to know how to sew! There are 16 small steps to complete each bag.

Roles include:

  1. Collecting fabric
  2. Cutting
  3. Ironing
  4. Pinning
  5. Sewing
  6. Serging
  7. Coaching others
  8. Coordinating
  9. Outreach efforts
  10. Donating materials and tools
  11. Purchase a High-Quality Boomerang "Bought to Support' Bag  ($10- taxes and fees included)
  12. Sign our daughters' petition asking Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh to Ban Plastic Bags

You can participate at whatever stage you are interested. Full and clear instructions and support are offered at each stage (see how-to below). Folks who are interested in joining the efforts should fill out our CONTACT FORM. Join us in whatever capacity you are able! Let's make Boston shine!


Thus far:

  • hosted weekend sew-a-thons at the Stitch House in Dorchester in May, June, October and November 2017
  • helped propel the plastic bag ban ordinance in Boston that passed in Dec. 2017
  • collected donated fabric from all over the metro Boston area
  • had volunteers come from all parts of Dorchester, JP, West Roxbury, Milton, Maine, Providence and Hull
  • the ages of volunteers have been between 7 to in their 70's and we have even had three generations helping a sew-a-thon. We had grandmas, grandpas, boys, girls, moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and aunties
  • people have continue to sew, iron, pin and match pieces of the bag between the sew-a-thons, which has been a crucial piece to this all
  • received food donations from amazing cafes, stores and local food entrepreneurs
  • spoke before Boston City Council and handed out a Boomerang Bag to each City Councilor and Mayor Marty Walsh 
  • working to get translation in 10 different languages!!!
  • we have completed
    • 496 new bags to date!
    • 100's of bags in progress
  • we are in initial talks with the Daily Table in Dorchester which hits all the right notes of aiming to get the bags into the hands of a store in a low-income area where people visit regularly


Boomerang Bags Boston Chapter is a collective of residents and community activists living in Boston, led by Sierra Rothberg of LusterityClean Up Boston and a local Girl Scout leader, Yooree Lorsodo of On The Dot Books, Mary Grady, a Boston Public School teacher and fellow Girl Scout leader, Vienna Rothberg of Goga and creator of P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E. at MIT,  Ann Walsh Chief of Family Engagement at 1647, Cathy Armer who is our word and editor wiz, and Jen Larson a genuine rockstar and parent, who believe that we can thrive as a city that is free of single-use plastic bags. We can come together to create a solution to provide people free access to re-usable bags when they cannot afford them.