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Emoticards - 15 little messages with tiny envelopes for when the moment seems right.

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  • Too small to mail, perfect for hand delivery!
  • Size of card 3.375" x 2"
  • Women owned business
  • Made in the USA
  • Letterpress cards
  • Includes 1 each of:
    • Love you, Mean it
    • Sorry I was crabby, forgive me
    • Bad Day, I'll be back to my brilliant self tomorrow
    • Whoops! My Bad
    • Shit Happens, Tomorrow is another day
    • You Make me Smile
    • I'll make it up to you, Promise!
    • Proud of ya, Babe
    • Hat's off to you
    • Sorry you're sad, I'm here for you
    • xoxo
    • Thanks, I needed that!
    • Here's a hug! Almost as good as a real one.
    • I'm stressed and I need a nap.
    • Thanks for having my back, I've got yours.