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Halloween Mask Making

Thursday Halloween Mask Making Workshop - October 20, 2016 @ 4:30-6:30pm


Choose your favorite animal or super-hero mask in advance with coordinated costume pieces.  Available workshop materials will include: gluten-free papier-mâché, cloth, paper, feathers, yarn, sequins, ribbon and felt finishes. This homemade costume experience requires no advanced skills, materials or experience. Each costume kit includes a mask and one of the following: a matching cape, collar, or tail. 

This is a great option for a whole family costume; imagine your family as a band of blue jays, a clowder of cats or a rage of dragons. Discounts for multiple family members. Pre-handmade costume bases will empower kids to have the experience of making it their own personalized costume in only one session! 

Parents rejoice! Cool homemade costume! No mess in your home!

Option to pre-order amazing home.stead dinner to eat when the making is done! 

Please allow kids one and a half hours to complete (not including drying time). Costumes will be ready to go home at the end of the session and should be paired with all black clothing or another solid color to complete the look. No face paint will be necessary. These costumes are high quality and will be great additions to the dress-up chest or hand-me-downs. Please indicate your chosen costume type and date in your order. Space is limited. Kids under 4 will require extra parental help. **FAMILY DISCOUNT of $55 for the first person and following family members at $45 each.**

Costume options:

Cat-Panther-Lion-Leopard = mask + tail

Dragon-Lizard-Monster = mask + spiky tail

Dog-Husky-Wolf-Fox = mask + fluffy tail 

Pig-Lil Dog = mask + tail

Bird = mask + cape

Bear = mask + collar

Superhero = mask + cape

Local Dorchester company, Goga, will lead this workshop. With over a decade of making sustainable kids clothes and 13+ years of teaching art in the schools and in the community, this workshop aims to hit all the right notes. Please give us your child/rens ages in the notes when you checkout.


HALL2T - for family of 2 (save $10 off total)

HALL3T - for family of 3 (save $20 off total)

HALL4T - for family of 4 (save $30 off total)

HALL5T - for family of 5 (save $40 off total)

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IMG_5621 (2).jpg

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