Event Spending matters

Last Spring, Lusterity was fortunate to have participated in CityStart Boston. An intense and worthwhile experience that gave our budding business a growth spurt. The City of Boston is not new to hosting events and partnering with creatives, but often the money spent at these events goes to the same ole business with large contracts and contacts. Sometimes the aim is to spend your money in socially conscious ways but there is often a divide to having these values and hosting an event. When you are a host, be it a person, business or event a large organization, you may have good intentions, but it comes down to being practical, you just want to get the event done. CityStart Boston partnered with Lusterity for their Pitch-A-Thon and were able to put dollars spent on the event towards local creatives and business that looked great, tasted great and made a difference in the lives of those small businesses. We were pleased to be able to deliver the goods for such a spectacular event.  

A little more about CityStart:

CityStart BOSTON is a combination of a weekend ThinkTank/hackathon, followed by a three-week mini-accelerator designed to create actual startups solving civic problems. 


  1. Choose a key barrier to developing innovative neighborhoods in Boston
  2. Identify and understand the cause(s) of that barrier and who is experiencing it
  3. Define a product or service that addresses that barrier
  4. Construct a venture that delivers that product/service in a tangible way