Dear Creative:

Maybe you're an experienced maker, with a thriving business, in search of new clients. Maybe you're just starting out, with friends always saying "you could sell your services!" Wherever you are on your creative journey, Lusterity wants to hear from you. We believe that the special events market is a great place to get your start and make your living. As we launch, we'll be helping talented people like you – find a community, grow your business, get clients, and find success on your own terms.

Please take a moment to tell us about what you're up to, where you're at on your journey, and how we might help!

– Sierra

P.S. As you might notice from your Brand Promises, we've got a special outlook on the products we select and the services we promote!  We'd love to hear how you're making a difference and living your values with your business, too.

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