Lusterity is founded on the core values of diversity, sustainability, local, makers and giving back.  

Each product and service in our network was selected for its style and for its alignment with one or more of the promises of our brand:

Lusterity Celebrates Diversity

Lusterity celebrates DIVERSITY

Advancing businesses owned and operated by women, minorities, LGBTQ owners and other underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Lusterity Celebrates Sustainability

Lusterity celebrates SUSTAINABILITY

Favoring products and processes that are more natural and less wasteful, including compostable, recyclable, organic and non-toxic items.


Lusterity celebrates LOCAL

Seeking options found closest to home, Boston-made, Massachusetts-made, and American-made goods, and recognizing community-based business owners, who make efforts to enhance their local economies.

Lusterity Celebrates Makers

Lusterity celebrates MAKERS

Valuing handmade items, independent- and family-owned businesses, fair trade products, and things created by workers in union and fair-wage environments.

Lusterity Celebrates Giving Back

Lusterity celebrates GIVING BACK

Promoting alternative approaches that make significant social commitments, including nonprofits, social enterprises, and buy one-give one models.