Ashley Procopio Jewelry

Ashley's jewelry work has a minimalistic industrial feel. Each piece is deigned to make a statement but to also be practical for every day use. Her product is a great gift for a hostess thank you, holiday present for friends and family, or a celebratory piece.

In her words:

I'm a local artist operating my business solely by myself. In my day to day life I consider myself to be socially conscious and have integrated this same thinking to my business practice. 

I'm conscious of the companies I order from and how their products were made. My primary supplier of sterling silver incorporates a portion of recycled sterling to create their stock. To contribute to this cycle, I sell back my scrap sterling to the company for repurposing. I'm also aware of the substances I use to create my pieces and have done research on how to properly dispose of them so they aren't a threat to the environment.